About Us

Alan and Darleen live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.   For 36 years they have lived in the same house and moving is not an option. . .  Alan has too many old boxes in the shop, office, and upstairs!  Literally.  They met in college when Darleen was studying Nursing and Alan was a Business major.   Thirty-five years ago, not long after Darleen graduated, they married.  They have three children who are all married, and eight precious grandchildren!  It is the best to be able to visit them and see how they are growing and becoming God’s special children. What blessings!

Alan accepted Jesus Christ to be his personal savior while in High School and Darleen did also shortly after getting married.  They have attended church regularly since then and been challenged with great teaching and blessed with faithful friends.

Behind the scenes however, not all was well and their relationship had drifted into a cold distance.   Both of them brought  baggage into the marriage.  They muddled through on their own for several years as they got busy with life.  That busyness and some hurts along the way caused a drift in their relationship that Alan calls “The Desert Years.”   They were committed to the marriage though and divorce wasn’t an option.

When Alan saw a book about soul mate marriage he became dissatisfied with how his marriage was going.  He did not want a coexisting marriage; he wanted a full, vibrant, growing relationship.  Alan is a bulldog and would not let it go until they had some breakthroughs.  It took years of patience on his part, and reading many books together to find nuggets of truth that helped tear down walls and brought them closer a little at a time.   They both grew and enjoy that soul mate marriage now.  Still it grows and gets better!

Alan and Darleen were inspired to start this blog when talking with their son and daughter-in-law about a desire to help other married couples overcome obstacles in their marriages.  They had led several marriage groups at church and were grieved when they saw couples giving up on their marriages and each other before they had time to really work through their troubles and get to the good part.

They feel they have learned a lot along the way, and as the Lord leads they hope to share their experiences with others.  They believe that God designed marriage to be one of life’s greatest joys but in order to experience all that God intended for us we must be willing to face the challenges of personal growth and to love selflessly as Christ loves us.  Their prayer is that you too will experience the richness of a God-centered soul mate marriage.