So How Did You Meet Your Spouse?

One of my favorite questions when I meet a new couple is to ask how they met.  I am always fascinated with the unusual and funny stories of how couples began their lives together.  We all have a unique story.

I thought we could join in a kind of cyber space living room and share our stories.  So for this week, instead of just reading our blog, we want each of you to hit the Reply button and send us “your story!”  It doesn’t need to take a lot of time – about ten or fifteen minutes or so.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a few paragraphs on how the two of you began and became “Us”.

  • How and where did you meet?
  • Where was your first date?
  • Anything really special about your dating days?
  • What do you remember most about your spouse during that time?
  • What attracted you most to him?
  • How long after you first met did you decide to get married?
  • How did you, or she, pop the question?

When we’ve collected some stories, we’d like to take a few and share them anonymously with our readers.

Here’s a snippet from our story…

Alan and I met while in college through mutual friends one evening when I was playing the part of a male radio announcer in a play on my campus.  I had made a catty-wampus mess out of my necktie and he offered to fix it right there on the courtyard steps.  That scene is burned into my memory as is his comment that I “was much too beautiful to be wearing a tie!”  Brrr, still gives me chills….

Our first date was a month or so later.  It was the height of the gas crisis then (little did we know!) so to conserve gas Alan had his brother bring me to the church dinner dance at a restaurant close to where he was working.  We had a lovely evening, he gave me flowers; I made him a boutonniere from the college rose garden.  We danced and talked on the balcony overlooking Los Angeles.  All very romantic… until Alan had his brother take me home!  What a letdown, even if gas was expensive.  But I guess I got over it because before long we were dating only each other.  In fact, Alan’s frugality was one of the things that attracted me to him along with his easy charm.  And what a romantic he is-  2 years later, on my birthday, he took me back to that same restaurant and asked me to wear the same dress— and then he asked me to marry him!  I was so stunned it took me several seconds to say “Yes!  Yes, of course!”

So for this week  —  it’s group participation.  Share in the Leave a Reply Box right below!  We’d love to hear from each of you.

One thought on “So How Did You Meet Your Spouse?

  1. We met at a summer camp where we were both counselors. We were responsible together for the Bible lesson on Wednesday every week but I didn’t even think about anything beyond friendship while at camp. It wasn’t until later that summer after camp was over that all the counselors started getting to know each other without simultaneously trying to keep a ton of kids under control.

    During that time, she quickly “noticed” me but I was still